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Faunas Portrait: Regda B. Yenoh by Enderparadox
Faunas Portrait: Regda B. Yenoh
Something New and Traditional.

The idea behind this picture is simple: It's a portrait of a faunas and the animal who's species is the faunas's species (Same animal, just one of them is a faunas.) I went with my main Oc Regda, whose faunas species is a honey badger, which makes this picture even cooler. I mean, what gets cooler than a ex-mobster Honeybadger faunas turned huntsman posing with a honey badger, nature's bada$$. 

Author's Notes: I'll probably do a digital version of this later which will have color and a darker style to it, though I do love this version. I'm also hoping this becomes somewhat of a cool trend, definitely making some interesting duo photos.

Regda belongs to me
Rwby belongs to :iconmontyoum:
Rwby Oc: Allan Bui Damhair by Enderparadox
Rwby Oc: Allan Bui Damhair
This is a full body picture of my newest Rwby Oc, Allan Bui Damhair. He's a scorpion faunas with his fauns trait being a scorpion tail. He works as a huntsman and part time as a detective for the Vale Police force. He's a close range fighter, using Guerrilla tactics, police self defense, and sword fighting techniques. His weapon of choice is a gun blade which is a celtic shortsword combined with a pump action shotgun, which he's named Crowd Control. He also uses his semblance, Truesight, in combat and in the detective field because it allows him to see waves of light that are invisible to the human eye, which includes vision like blacklight and even seeing a person's passive aura. He's a first year at beacon academy and his looks definitely give him the "detective" appearance.

For more Info, you can check out his Wiki page here:…

Artist Notes: I decided to do a faunas I hadn't seen yet, break the taboo ways of mammal faunas's. His tail was a bit tricky, but overall he was super fun to draw and write. May draw his weapon later, since it's a bit hard to explain and get a visual image of exactly what I want.
Rwby Oc: Arterio Salvatore by Enderparadox
Rwby Oc: Arterio Salvatore
"A Doctor's work is never done, especially with the virus that plagues the White Fang is still around."

This is a full body work for my Mercenary Oc for the Rwby Fanon, Arterio Salvatore. Arterio is a White Fang medic as well as a Mercenary who plays the role of "Mobile Medic". Using his Pickaxe/syringe gun and jumping/climbing apparatus (It's a modified pair of jumping stilts, which allow him to jump higher and climb up walls), he can make his way around the battlefield to help his allies, as well as deal with any unwanted enemies. His signature is the special WF mask he wears, which combines the design of a Plague doctor mask with the elements of a WF mask. 

For more info on him, you can check out his wiki page Here:…

Artist Notes: First official bad guy I am a dummy! He was alot of fun to draw, with the mask being one of the harder parts. Don't know why, it's just I've never drawn a mask before. There's a version without the mask, which I may upload later.
Osaka Gakuin 42: Anthony Salvatore by Enderparadox
Osaka Gakuin 42: Anthony Salvatore
Second piece of art for the Osaka Gakuin 42 Wiki. This one is of our Admin Crimson Beast's Character, Anthony.

Here's some Info on him:
Name: Anthony Salvatore
Gender: Male
Race/Power Origin: Half Demon/From his Demonic heritage
Year/Positions held: First Year/Disciplinary Committee
Powers/Origin of Powers: Retrospective Strike and Tarot Magic/Restrospective Strike & Tarot Magic comes from his Demonic heritage.

For more details as well as his awesome backstory and more about Anthony, check out his page on the OG42 Wiki!

For the full story on Osaka Gakuin and the Wiki Itself, visit here:…

*Artist Notes*
More background I am a dummy! Anatomy is getting better. Hopefully the amount of school work I have doesn't stop me from keep on keeping on at a good pace. I'll still be posting but I'm hoping to make this like a once every two week thing.

Please leave a comment if Ya favorite please, all comments are seen as good as long as they can help or encourage.
Osaka Gakuin 42: U~Iriamu Shokushu by Enderparadox
Osaka Gakuin 42: U~Iriamu Shokushu
First Piece of the new Project: Osaka Gakuin 42 Official Artwork!

I've taken it apon myself to be the artist for a Wiki, whether that be characters or for the school. Others will be making art for their own characters but I'm doing artwork for main story arcs and such.

As for the artwork, this is the first of many characters I'll be drawing. Here's a little Info on the character pictured:

Name: U~Iriamu Shokushu
Gender: Male
Race/Power Origin: Human/ Legacy
Age: 17
Year/Positions Held: 3rd Year at Osaka Gakuin/ Student Council President
Powers/Origin of powers: Telekinesis, Reality Augmentation, Body Manipulation/ Blessed by Cthulhu, the Dark Whisperer, by a book written in the language of the Dark Whisperer.

For more details as well as his awesome backstory, check out his page on the OG42 Wiki!

For the full story on Osaka Gakuin and the Wiki Itself, visit here:…

*Artist Notes*
Ye this is my character, No It's not odd xD This was an experiment, my first go at using darkened lines. I think it turned out well, especially since I got the anatomy right :D makes me happy


Enderparadox's Profile Picture
William landis
United States
I'm an active gamer who has many talents, such as playing a trumpet, doodling, and playing minecraft.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Triple Q's Cut, Paste and Kill Remix Album
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So it's been a while since I made a journal, and with the new year in like...*checks computer* three days, I figure no better time than Now.

So updates:
Lifewise: had a good Christmas, fell in love with a wonderful girl and we've been dating for 10 months as of the 14th, got a cool job as a chat moderator on Rwby Fanon chat, helped start a new wiki, and some other stuff

I'll probably be uploading more often since I'm dedicating time to art  nowadays, especially with a project I've started. As I mentioned earlier, I helped to start a new wiki with my friend Daniel (username wise on the wiki and the Rwby Fanon Wiki, he goes by CaptainMcToasty). He created a universe his own and after getting a good backing on the fanon, started a Wiki called the Osaka Gakuin 42 Wiki. Now as of the moment we're solving some issues with our Crat (she's like, no where to be seen and we're in progress of getting Daniel Crat status), but the wiki is still doing fine and kicking and hopefully will be getting more attention soon. As for how this relates to me, I'm an admin on the wiki and have two characters I use. The wiki as a whole is lacking art, so as an artist I put myself on the line and actually have started doing art for the main cast of the OG42 Wiki story. This is experimental cause I'm using a style I'm not used to which is using lines (like, see-able lines) and I've completed one piece so far which turned out quite well. So once I start doing more of the style I'll be uploading the art to here and will hopefully get the public eye with the art and attract attention for the wiki.

I'll post the first piece of OG42 art probably in the next few days (probably will be tomorrow -3-) 

Have any questions and such ask away, I'm free to reply especially if it involves the wiki

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