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Portrait of a tentacle monster thing by Enderparadox
Portrait of a tentacle monster thing
So, for those who probably will freak out, I'ma explain this.

THIS is a self portrait of me in the Rwby Fanon Wiki Chat. Yes, it does look alot like IRL me. Yes, I do have tentacles in the picture. I don't want to go into alot of depth, so or those who are curious...just ask and I may edit this, otherwise having to tell the story several times gets bothersome. 

Anywhos, this is a rather old piece from way back when (especially since the hairdo is out of date). I have another but I probably won't upload unless I feel like it -3-
FRPW: Feng Lan se Kuang by Enderparadox
FRPW: Feng Lan se Kuang
This is a digital redraw of my Oc Feng; traditional trained, battlemage, and leader. He's pictured here with his two weapons War Wind (sword) and Ao's Talons (gauntlet).
You can read up on him more here, cause his page looks good and it's better laid out:…

My notes: This took way too long, i finished one part one day and then a week later finished it. I'm getting better still on anatomy, woop, and hopefully over the extent of this project I will get better at drawing weapons.

The start of a rather large project I'm doing, one that will involve a few pieces for me and two others. As those pieces come out I'll update all them descriptions.
Rwby OC: Clyde Angkasa Luar by Enderparadox
Rwby OC: Clyde Angkasa Luar
Art, hooray for uploads!

This time I did a shot of one of my newer Rwby Oc's, Clyde Angkasa Luar. He's a 6ft 11in Horse Faunas, weighing in a 310lbs of muscle (He's freakin huge). He wields a multilength Sword called Caladbolg, and uses a semblance that allows for a shielded dash based on blade length. 

He's based on the mythos of the unicorn and Pegasus, and attends Beacon with Team ECPS.

Le link to his Fanon page for all his info:…

Offnote stuff:
I posted I am a dummy! like finally. I barely get time for art with College, but when I takes a few days cause other stuff distracts me. As for the piece, I loved doing zee armor and stuff. His ears though be so fly, horse faunas for da win. Also first time at an actual's okay -3-

Clyde belongs to me, Rwby belongs to :iconmontyoum:
Coffee under a full moon by Enderparadox
Coffee under a full moon
Another piece of work for my Rwby Oc Regda. This one shows off his physique, and his awesome tattoo. The scene is a nice one; He's in his dorm room at Beacon, enjoying a cup of coffee at night just as the moon casting perfect light into the open window.

I love the shading in this. Also I did something a bit different, adding a few defining lines here and there.

Regda belongs to me :3

Rwby belongs to :iconmontyoum:


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William landis
United States
I'm an active gamer who has many talents, such as playing a trumpet, doodling, and playing minecraft.
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So, my friend from the fanon showed me this cool art contest for a art book and after investigating it, signed up for the contest! Ya'll should go check it out, it's being held by :iconmbtea:
 Here's a link to the contest page:…

You can also donate to support the art book as well, which you can do here:

Go support the artist people and maybe even enter yourself.

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